Saturday, March 11

NYX Rival Bids for LSE

From Reuters on Yahoo, the LSE rejected the Nasdaq's bid as too low as the NYX gets busy consolidating it's merger.
This was the third bid received by the LSE in 15 months and its rejection of Nasdaq's offer fueled speculation it might not be the last, with the New York Stock Exchange -- the world's largest stock exchange and Nasdaq's arch rival -- rumored as a potential buyer.

Nasdaq's approach comes just two days after the NYSE Group Inc. (NYSE:NYX - News), owner of the Big Board, went public by sealing its purchase of electronic rival Archipelago Holdings.

The competition for dominance of the International exchange market continues at a hectic pace.
But Repetto expects the NYSE to come up with a rival offer and thinks that among U.S. players the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Holdings Inc. (NYSE:CME - News) could be a "longshot" to put in an offer.
These newly public companies now have a pile of cash and their own stock, with which to buy other exchanges and catch their competition napping.

It's like a game of street basketball where the captains are picking their teams before the big showdown. Leaving the best players for the other guy to pick up could be the fatal mistake.

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