Saturday, October 29

200 Most Active stocks by Options Volume

Here's a link to the list from

Economics Texts Online

Here's a list courtesy of Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution.

Friday, October 28

Investors Business Daily Big Cap Twenty Stocks

Here are the graphs for Tuesday, October 25. IBD runs a computer generated ranking of leading large cap companies trading in the U.S. and I dropped them into a page.

Friday, October 7

Fed's Fisher spooks the Market

He seems to be blaming a new bout of inflation on hurricane Katrina; so rates (fed funds) will continue to rise. The stock market cries 'Uncle'.

Hello seasonal bout of weakness.

The End of the Dollar Standard?

Rob Lee at gives us four reasons why the U.S. dollar standard system is breaking down.

'As Voltaire said in 1729 "paper money eventually goes down to its intrinsic value – zero."'

Tuesday, October 4

Dow Jones Industrial watch, CAT

CAT, another of the big Dow 30, is coiling like a snake, ready to break out over $60 on strong volume, just like she did at $55. Get ready to sell that put spread but don't jump the gun; this little triangle pattern could still fail. Wait for the closing new high.