Friday, September 9

Watching the Money Czar

Chad Hudson ask's over at The Prudent Bear, will the Fed Pause?

Prices keep rising even as the economy seems to be slowing. Wasn't their a name for that?

The Monetary Central Planning Group of America, the Fed, meets in two weeks to humbly decide behind closed doors, how quickly they will destroy the value of the dollars we save and earn here in the land of the free.

The Fed Funds market has the probability of a quarter point rate increase at about even money.

One order of flattened yield curve, comin' up; would you like a market crash with that?


mandyfisher66900946 said...
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Scott said...

GREAT! Now we have blogspammers.
Somebody should line 'em up and put a silver one through them.

Matias said...

They wouldn't apologize to my mule. So I (*bang*) sent them off to go pound sand. This sheriff don't take no prisoners!