Saturday, August 20

Inflation: Deception at the Core

Peter Schiff on Getting to the "Core" of Inflation Propaganda at, argues against this sleight of hand used by establishment economists and media "intellectuals".

These economists say that the already misleading inflation numbers put out by the beneficiaries of said unacknowledged inflation, need to be modified even further, to exclude those price increases which they would like not to be taken account of by ordinary Americans, who know that they, themselves, are paying much higher prices this year, but could be fooled into thinking it's just the result of their own bad luck--and not of the abhorent abuses of the hogs at the trough in our nation's capital.

They might be fooled if morons in suits say these stupid things with straight faces, resonant voices, and the steady stare of their dark, beady eyes which mask the condemned souls of these fallen ones--servants of beelzebub.

At least the people might be fooled for a little while longer. And hey, it's just the next election cycle that really counts anyway, right?

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