Thursday, June 23

Black Robes and Goose Steps

The long march continues, as the Leftists on the "Supreme" Court lead us further down that glorious road to serfdom.

"Taking" is a tradition here in the land of the free; the very foundation of progress. Without it, how could we plan for our glorious future? Should chaos rule, instead?

Your house is your's--unless we want it. Then it's ours... so it can then become his. Let the will of " the people" be done.

And let this blather about your rights, be done, too. You stand in the way of progress, waving some old parchment that's of no interest to us. You will be crushed, and your parchment will be buried, and we will drown your cries with the sounds of our boots, clapping the ground as we march on past.

Your quaint attachment to this notion of rights, is outdated in this era of public-spiritedness and planning. Our rulers are benevolent, and much smarter than you. And only by their will, can some progress appear. Let their will be done.

On what basis do you challenge them? You are a selfish peasant who seeks to deprive the community of what it needs. When instead you should be rejoicing for the opportunity to serve. No more evidence of your individual corruption is necessary. By your challenge, you display your guilt.

The people march forward in stone-faced columns, with empty hands and hollow eyes. Following the goose-stepping imposters in their shining, black robes.

With nothing in particular on their minds.


Scott said...

Hey buddy, my government would never do this to me. The Republicans are in power and they value freedom. They tell me on FOX every night. Hang on there is a knock on my door. "no sir, I don't have my papers" "let go of me I'm an American" "HELP, someone HELP ME!"

Can I get an AMEN from the congregation!!!

Matias said...

Amen, brother!